Thursday, February 26, 2009

In 2008 cell phones enjoyed 85% market penetration with individuals ages 13-24; in that same year HIV infected a young person at the rate of 2 individuals an hour (Centers for Disease Control).

Cable Positive’s Youth AIDS Media Institute University (YAMI-U) will teach young people how to leverage the technology they are using on a daily basis to engage their peers to disseminate vital HIV/AIDS educational messages in the form of a multi-platform social advocacy marketing campaign.

YAMI-U’s awareness campaign will then be made available to local AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) and cable systems across the country as a stand alone campaign free of charge. In addition, Cable Positive will offer free of charge, a white paper workbook and an online tool kit to outline the steps of production of a new media campaign. Using these two mediums, ASO’s and cable systems will be able to educate and tailor the HIV/AIDS prevention message to their target populations.

We’re excited to educate and empower young people to take a stand against an epidemic that is directly affecting them every day.

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